geoplan software services - automate the import & export of data directly using SKiN API

SKiN API allows developers to bypass the user interface for Geoplan mapping software, and bring data into the system automatically. Already good to go? access SKiN API   
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SKiN API provides a way to automate the flow of GIS information across your business, and is free to access for developers using Geoplan Mapping Software
SKiN API currently supports Map pins and Catchment layer types, whilst Hot Spots and Territories will be added in the near future. GIS Feature data can be imported into SKiN in a variety of ways, please see details below if the GIS formats supported by SKiN API:

Map and Report Production

Key Features & Benefits

  • To support automated import/export of data to/from SKiN.
  • To support increased data import/export formats, including - KML, CSV, GeoJSON, KMZ and Microsoft Excel
  • The import, storage and display of external meta-snippets( e.g. HTML, Images).
  • Performance improvements to increase the current data import limit for map pins.

Coming Soon...

SKiN API functionality is currently being extended to support the following layer types in SKiN:

  • Hot Spots
  • Territories