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Geoplan provides the necessary building blocks, data and tools to understand the current position and define an effective structure based on performance variables and targets of your choice. New national territories can be formed or existing territories can be fine-tuned to improve performance and reduce costs.

Minimise 'What If' Scenarios

A territory plan for a given territory needs to include an analysis of previous sales activity, customer segmentation (to identify the most and least profitable customers), as well as profiles and locations of the best prospects – this can be achieved via geodemographic segmentation. Your plan should also include a strategy that accommodates for the strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson.

Management time to effect these changes and to generate "what if" scenarios is kept to a minimum, ensuring more time is devoted to sales and business development. This is because as you make changes to territory boundaries, all performance and lead data is carried with it, ensuring the seamless re-allocation of work, which can be fed back into central systems as required. This approach can also be applied within the territories to assist in directing effort where it will generate best return.

Clear Planning Objectives

The value of this insight is immense. It allows you to develop a clear plan that focuses on ensuring the sales territory is balanced, your sales people have achievable targets based on market potential and that each daily task is optimised.

Whether that’s planning fuel-efficient route schedules or spending more/less time with appropriate customers and prospects. Sales and Operations departments within many companies use Geoplan’s Territory Planning systems to assist with setting-up new territories and improving existing ones.


  • Establish new territory structures.
  • Optimise existing territories.
  • Distribute workload equally across all territories.
  • Match demand to available resource.
  • Minimise the total travel time or distance within each territory.
  • Identify ideal locations for field resource, based on the location of the demand.
  • Ensure all territories are contiguous (i.e. no gaps).
  • Identify number of territories required – right-size your field force.


  • Understand current situation.
  • Create benchmark.
  • Define business rules / KPIs.
  • Optimise.
  • Quantify potential savings.
  • Collaborative approach to design and implementation.
  • Blend your knowledge with Geoplan expertise.
Route Scheduling

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