Our consultants deliver performance enhancement through custom mapping and data solutions.

We understand that every business has individual needs when it comes to data, analysis and mapping. Through our consultancy service, we can provide you with an approach tailored to your specific requirements. We have a proven track record that demonstrates our solutions will help save time, reduce costs and eliminate waste.

field force optimisation

Geoplan has helped teams worldwide to improve efficiency and reduce waste at every level. From establishing territories and balancing workloads; to maximising returns on field staff efforts and establishing the right customer approach.

site location optimisation

Gain greater insight into the spatial dynamics of your existing site network; formulate a sustainable growth strategy; quantify return on investment for expansion or entry into a new market; reduce the payback horizon on new site openings; and more…

pick up & delivery optimisation

At Geoplan we have extensive experience of working with businesses in the freight, distribution, warehousing and postal courier sectors. If you are looking to reduce cost or increase revenue, we have a geospatial solution for you.

We have found Geoplan GeoAnalyser to be a great mapping tool. It makes the assigning of customers to Local Business Units easy, and the various types of information visible become easy to understand geographically, particularly segmentation of our customer base.

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