Enhance distribution planning, efficiency and effectiveness with Geoplan mapping solutions.

Whether the objective is to cover more client visits with fewer people, reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions, or to simply strike a better balance between drive time and customer-facing time, Geoplan route scheduling software can help you achieve it.

Lower Fuel Costs

Whilst recent economic events may have sharpened resolve in these areas, it is true to say that visit scheduling is always a challenge and has the ability to be very wasteful if not planned, implemented and reviewed on a frequent basis.

In order to maximise the efforts of your sales and service/support personnel, you first need to take a look at your customers and develop approaches that are appropriate for your various customer profiles. Geoplan can help you do this, so you can determine where face-to-face contact is required and where a simple phone call will suffice. 

Reduced Customer-Servicing Costs

Wherever we have applied our approach, we have succeeded in reducing customer-servicing costs by circa 20%. We have been able to demonstrate that the routes were more suitable for the business and the customer.

Throughout the country, Sales, Distribution and Operations departments are using Geoplan's Route Scheduling systems, learn more.


  • Balance workload evenly across Depots.
  • Balance Depot workload evenly between vehicles.
  • Blended approach to pickup and delivery.
  • Identify the best route based on geography, time windows, SLAs, road speeds, premise types, time of day.
  • Quantify the appropriate resource according to capacity, location and skillset.
  • Cut resource costs by 20% on average.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Calculate costs and efficiency of routes.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions.


  • Understand existing coverage.
  • Identify total time and resources required.
  • Distribute work evenly across depots.
  • Evenly distribute work to resources within Depots.
  • Optimise stop order for deliveries and collections (blended strategy).
  • Distribute digital manifest to drivers.
  • ‘In-flight’ re-optimisation for route changes.
  • Data / knowledge collection to feed back into process
Route Scheduling

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