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Site Analysis Strategy and Planning

Geoplan systems can be employed to identify candidate areas, based on your particular needs, offer or requirements, such that you can make informed choices about the sites that are presented before you.

There is no real substitute for local knowledge, but Geoplan can provide useful preparatory information at a strategic level. Key issues such as defining catchment size, store attractiveness, store cannibalisation, competitor and driver locations, customer distribution, drivetime and demographics can all be brought together to inform the choice.

Businesses use Geoplan’s systems and tools to not only pinpoint the best sites, but to also identify alternative candidate sites based on the particular needs and requirements of your business. Informed decisions can then be made to facilitate site planning.

Information and Visualisation

Our systems can help you examine existing store performance and visualise current situations with each site. Such information is valuable for mergers, acquisitions, refurbishments or the disposal of outlets.

This data can also be used for developing a targeted marketing strategy – helping you to assess relevant media selections and coverage, as well as analysing the possible returns from running direct mail, door-drop and in-store promotional campaigns.

We have worked with companies across the world to assist with Site Analysis and New Site Location.


  • Understand your existing market coverage and market share.
  • Quantify the total potential of the market.
  • Determine the most profitable location at which to open a new facility.
  • Detailed site assessment of individual locations.
  • Assess impact and cannibalisation of existing outlets.
  • Establish whether to keep, re-locate, re-model or close existing sites.
  • Consider 'green-field' approach for entry into new markets.
  • Define and manage a network plan.
  • Identify analogue sites and predict performance based on similar locations in your existing portfolio.


  • Understand existing coverage.
  • Profile existing sites to identify key performance generators.
  • Create a scoring model to predict potential performance.
  • Identify candidate areas to open new facilities.
  • Assess specific site locations live in the field
  • Understand impact of cannibalisation.
  • Identify analogue sites. 
Route Scheduling

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