We are confident you will soon see the value you can gain from our support programme...

At Geoplan we are committed to providing a range of tailored products and services. This extends to our support programme, which has been initiated to help our customers gain the most from our software and services. As a customer who has either subscribed to our Enhanced Support Programme (ESP) when you purchased your product, or you have an annually licensed product, you will receive help and advice from Geoplan's team of technical experts, automatic data and software updates, online and telephone support, and ongoing account management.

Geoplan Support Philosophy

The Geoplan support philosophy centres on careful planning, installation and training. Given that those steps are taken, it is believed that support requirements will be at a minimum.

In principle, if the software or data supplied fails, then it is our responsibility to correct it at our cost. If there is a change of use, a change in environment, or a change in user, then resolution of issues associated with these changes would be chargeable to the customer.

Support Backbone

We put a strong emphasis on consultancy and training, and the same team of experienced staff that support customers at the point of sale, continue as the customer support team upon purchase.

This approach ensures a sound understanding of business objectives, requirements and processes. We also retain copies of all customer systems and data, such that we are fully equipped to resolve any queries.

Support Service Level

Our Support Team are experienced users of our software, and will be able to provide advice relating to the installation and operation of our software and data products.

This enables customers to swiftly overcome most problems and minimise down time. For more details please download our Service Level Agreement Document (PDF).


  • Telephone/On-Line Support
    Telephone access to our experienced consultants, live remote support globally, and advice on using the products provided - Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm GMT. We can cover 70% of time zones, plus or minus 8 hours, verbally in the same day as standard. Any others are dealt with via arrangement, email or web support.
  • Personal Account Team
    A regular and consistent point of contact to understand your business needs, along with a nominated technical lead.
  • Site visits/calls
    In dialogue with the customer, we can deliver on site meetings or calls, on a case by case basis. The nature of the meeting/call will be linked to the complexity of the discussion required.
  • Data and Software Updates
    You will automatically receive updates throughout the year as part of the service. These include data and software updates, service packs, patches and any new features. Advance notification of any updates is provided along with confirmation of any system downtime required to perform updates. Disruption is kept to a minimum and updates are performed at a time where user impact is minimal.
  • Technical Support and Product Registration
    Product fault diagnosis and rectification.
  • Product Replacement
    Where supply has been lost or damaged.
  • Product Information
    Advice on forthcoming new releases of the software and data, including newsletters, User Guides and documentation, videos, FAQs, and access to the Geoplan knowledge base.

If you need any further information about the renewal process please contact us or call +44(0)1423 569538.

Enhanced Support Programme


  • Data and software is constantly up to date.
  • Produce and deliver accurate and informed business decisions.
  • Ensure full return on investment.
  • Ensure user skills are kept sharp.
  • Handle projects more quickly.
  • Keep abreast of new developments that may benefit your business.

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