SKiN Update March 2022

What has changed?

New Postcode Update - Release R73-2

  • New Postcodes added: 4,718 new Postcodes have been introduced with high concentrations in East London (E), Birmingham (B) and Nottingham (NG).
  • Invalid Postcodes removed: 2,486 Postcodes that were valid at the previous release, are no longer valid at R73-2.
  • New Sectors added: There has been 1 Postcode Sector added at this release: NG24 5.
  • Postcode Sectors and Census Demographics Data Update: Data has been updated, by projecting the figures in line with the residential delivery counts at R73-2.

General System Maintenance

  • Route Optimiser Hotfix: Fix to visit time windows within the Route Optimiser.
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