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Geoplan mapping tools provided the engineering company with a set of Operational Field Territories that ensure customer SLAs can be met, whilst engineers are utilised in an efficient manner.

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The Problem

A leading Insurance Engineering company operates with c.250 field engineers nationwide, who carry out maintenance inspections and repairs to plant and equipment across over 100,000 customer sites, in line with their insurance contracts.

Work had been allocated to engineers based on historical relationships, and the result was that workload across the engineer base was unbalanced, and in breach of capacity in some cases. Customer SLAs were also being impacted, resulting in delays to scheduled services.

The insurance engineering company required a method of re-allocating workload across their service network, considering the distribution of work, and the location, capacity and skillset of the engineers. Once established, they wanted to be able to maintain a view on the allocation of work, as customer demand and resource availability changed, so that they could continually manage their network accordingly.

The Solution

The Insurance Engineering company used Geoplan’s SKiN mapping system to create, view and manage Engineer Territories:

  • Hotspot mapping tools – used to identify areas of high and low demand against Engineer locations.
  • Territory management tools – used to build and maintain engineer territories, balanced on Inspection Units, whilst factoring in the traveltime from engineer’s home locations.
  • Read-only SKiN – used by the Field Managers to view and interrogate the engineer territories.

The system provides the Engineering Insurance company with a set of Operational Field Territories, which ensures customer SLAs can be met, whilst engineers are utilised in an efficient manner. Field Managers now have a way of supporting ongoing queries and operational decision making, and where any network changes are required, the Central Administration team able to make the change in a controlled manner

Developed specifically for Hermes, the system provided:

The Benefits

  • Increased operational efficiency, workload balance and resource utilisation.
  • Removed gaps and overlaps – reduced waste in the operation.
  • Increased return on investment in field-based resources.
  • Improved strategic planning – accuracy, frequency and flexibility.
  • Improved support and visibility for field resources.
  • Improved customer service levels and brand perception.

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