Identify the best new sites and quantify market potential with Site Optimiser

Site Optimiser automatically assesses your site network and identifies the key drivers for increased sales performance.

Find profitable locations

Trial multiple 'what if?' scenarios based upon revenue, resource or demographic requirements.

Site Optimiser will then automatically generate a map and list of potential new site locations which meet  your criteria, ranked in order of potential.

Predict site cannibalisation

Model the impact of your sites against each other or model against competitor sites and identify areas of waste or low ROI.

Site Optimiser will then help predict the localised impact of new site openings and identify problems in advance, reducing the level of risk.


Attach notes, images or other media to site visits and upload back into SKiN so you have a centralised source of information.


Quantify market potential

Profile existing sites and catchment areas to identify the best performers. 

Find areas without coverage that match the profile of your top sites to identify potential expansion opportunities.

person getting tailored suit

Customise to your Business

Site Optimiser is also available as a customisable toolkit, allowing Geoplan to to tailor the inputs, process and outputs.

This allows us to meet the specific requirements of your team or your clients and integrate with your existing tools or databases.

Features and benefits

Determine the most profitable locations

Assess impact and cannibalisation of existing outlets

Quantify the total potential of the market

Establish whether to keep, re-locate, re-model or close sites

Understand your existing market coverage and share

Consider 'green-field' approach for entry into new markets

Pricing Plans



Access Site Optimiser on an annual basis

£500 per user, per annum +VAT


The SKiN suite of products

SKiN Mapping

A general all purpose mapping software platform 

Route Optimiser

SKiN add-on module to enhance delivery route creation functionality

Site Optimiser

SKiN add-on module to optimise site networks & analyse performance

Territory Optimiser

SKiN add-on module to optimise sales territory structure/resource

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