Site Optimiser

Improve the performance of your store network, identify markers for success, monitor competitor activity and increase your Return on Investment

Optimise market coverage and understand market share

Site Optimiser is a flexible cloud based solution that will empower your organisation to effectively optimise your site network. 

You can quickly understand your existing market coverage, penetration or market share then identify gaps and overlaps that indicate areas of waste and opportunity so you can improve ROI. 

If you are planning to expand or contract Site Optimiser will enable you to develop a market plan to optimise efficiency and by identifying optimal locations can reduce the payback horizon for new sites.

optimise market coverage on laptop
viewing candidate areas and locations on laptop

Enter new markets with confidence

Make informed decisions by pre-identifying candidate areas and new site locations based on analysis of your target market or supply chain. 

Quantify the total potential of a new market to assess the potential return on investment and then create a ‘green field’ market plan to manage the set up and growth of your network over time efficiently and effectively.

Analyse existing site profiles and the impact of competitor activity

Conduct in depth analysis of your existing site network to understand the impact of competitor locations, demographics or other key drivers on your business performance. 

Site Optimiser provides you with advanced site location optimisation tools so you can fully assess the impact of overlaps between sites with a view to keeping, re-locating, re-modelling or closing sites.

You can also define coverage or catchment areas around your site locations based on distance, travel time or other insight data.

woman analysing site profiles
profitable location map on laptop

Determine the most profitable locations for new sites

Use the power of Site Optimiser to profile potential sites and determine the most profitable location or area. Identify analogue sites and predict performance based on similar locations in your existing portfolio and predict likely payback horizon. 

Perform analysis on specific locations to create reports for input into CapEx submissions.

Pricing Plans


Access Site Optimiser on an annual basis

£500 per user, per annum +VAT

The SKiN suite of products

SKiN Mapping

SKiN is a powerful geospatial mapping solution and the core of our product range. Using SKiN you can create and optimise site, route or delivery networks.

Site Optimiser

Site Optimiser automatically assesses your site network, quantifies market potential and identifies the key drivers for increased sales performance.

Territory Optimiser

Territory Optimiser helps you identify the optimum territory structure and the resource requirements you need to service your market whilst increasing ROI.

Route Optimiser

Route Optimiser can immediately improve the efficiency of your distribution network by identifying the most efficient routes to optimise driver efficiency.

SKiN Mobile

SKiN Dashboard is a business intelligence tool for use at executive level. It sits above the core system and is fed by real time updates from across the business.

SKiN Dashboard

SKiN Dashboard is a business intelligence tool for use at executive level. It sits above the core system and is fed by real time updates from across the business.