Identify the optimum sales territory with Territory Optimiser

Identify the optimum territory structure, paired with the resource requirements you need to service your market whilst increasing ROI.

What does it do?

The primary goal of the Territory Optimiser is to establish the optimal field force required for a new market and balance workload to service an existing market as efficiently as possible.

Create the most efficient territory structure

Whether expanding or making cut-backs, it is essential to have the right amount of resource to ensure coverage of your target market without over-resourcing.

The Territory Optimiser can be used to calculate the optimal number of territories to service your market, model the optimal locations for expansion or identify over-resourced areas which can be streamlined.

Find the ideal balance between service and resource

The Territory Optimiser allows you to trial multiple 'what if?' scenarios based upon drive times or allocated time-per-client to find the ideal balance between service and resource.

It will then automatically generate a map and list of territories, including their geographical coverage and potential.

Maximise client time, minimise drivetime


Perfectly aligned to your business objectives

Balance territories based upon workload or opportunity accounting for both work and drive time within each territory.

The user can also choose to balance territories on single or multiple values, allowing close alignment of the process with your business rules and KPIs.

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Integrate route scheduling to maximise efficiency

The Territory Optimiser can be used in isolation or in conjunction with Route Optimiser to ensure both the planning and implementation stages achieve the most efficient possible results. 

Features and benefits

Establish new territories

Identify ideal locations for field resource

Optimise existing territories

Ensure all territories are contiguous

Minimise travel time or distance within each territory

Right-size your field force

Pricing Plans

Territory Optimiser Call Cycle

Used infrequently for strategic or call cycle planning.


£500 per user, per annum +VAT

Territory Optimiser Daily

Used daily for creation and implementation of optimal territories.


£2,500 per user, per annum +VAT

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