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Geoplan development services deliver custom online and mobile mapping applications to fit your exact needs.

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The SKiN API allows you to bypass the user interface for Geoplan mapping platform, and bring data into the system automatically.

Linking to enterprise CRM and BI systems such as SAP, ORACLE, SQL and provides a way to automate the flow of GIS information across your business and enables the user to produce standardised maps and reports with minimal effort.

SKiN workflow customisation

Custom SKiN workflows allow you to distil a manual process or task into simple, repeatable steps, saving you countless hours which could be better used.

Custom workflows can be designed and deployed within SKiN, supported by bespoke user guides and training to minimise the impact of change to your business.

Custom SKiN workflows allow users to adopt a unified way of working across nationwide and worldwide business operations, maximising consistency and efficiency.

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Bespoke development services

For more sophisticated requirements, Geoplan offers full application development services where a custom mapping-enabled application is created to fit the customer’s exact needs.

The user interface can be tailored for the intended audience and include functionality to supports the customer’s business aims.

Applications can be delivered online or mobile, leveraging our mapping platform, widgets and libraries, either for standalone systems or for integration with existing key line-of-business applications, databases and 3rd party interfaces.