Geoplan Mapping Software

Identify the best sites, routes and territories with Geoplan mapping software. A cloud-based mapping platform, designed to increase operational efficiency and deliver competitive advantage through visualisation and analysis of location data.

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Visualise and monitor your business network performance

Import your key locations based on address, postcode or X/Y co-ordinates, then visualise the spatial distribution of your business network, including sites, people, resources and customers.

Monitor your key performance indicators at each location by changing the shape, colour and size of each for easy identification.

Use Geoplan mapping platform as your 'go to' analysis tool to filter, search and interrogate points on the map to show the impact of location on performance.

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Identify regional trends and opportunities to increase ROI

Identify regional trends by shading areas based on high and low values.

Automatically summarise data by postcode or administrative area to understand regional business performance patterns.

Align map colours to your targets and easily visualise return on investment, areas of waste and new opportunities by location.

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Analyse geographic coverage and identify what's driving business performance

Define coverage of each location within your business network by creating radial, travel time or hand drawn catchment areas.

Geoplan mapping platform will analyse the content of your catchment areas to identify key performance drivers for each location and any gaps, overlaps or opportunities.

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Create and optimise territories to maximise field force efficiency

Use building blocks such as postcodes or administrative boundaries to build geographic territories.

Right-size your field force - edit territory boundaries to balance workload and opportunity across your field-based teams.

Visualise performance data by territory to identify regional trends.

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Includes a comprehensive Data Pack

Detailed Postcode (zip code), administrative and demographic data for mapping is included as standard (where available by country).

Allows you to visualise:

Postcode area, district/sector boundaries, unit postcode points, county (state) and local authority boundaries.

Use shading based on postcode sector level demographic data, including population, household and business counts, age breakdown, dwelling type and social grade to easily visualise trends.

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Export data, maps or interactive reports to share with colleagues

Easily share reports, map images and data with colleagues, customers or other stakeholders.

Print maps up to size A0 and create reports in PDF, Word or Excel format.

Share interactive, read-only maps with other people for up to 72 hours, with no need for additional licensing.

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Features and benefits

  • Find new customers and identify sales opportunities
  • Understand the competition and business drivers
  • Identify, locate and manage site locations and resources
  • Quantify potential markets or analyse current performance
  • Build, analyse and optimise sales or franchise territories
  • Assess maps and data from wherever you are
  • Assess gaps, overlaps, conflicts and areas of opportunity
  • Connect office and field team users with a shared view of the business

UK Data Pack included as standard

UK Postcode Area, District and Sector Boundaries

UK Postcode Unit Points

Local Authority Boundaries

County Boundaries

Census Demographic Data

Travel Time Data

Brands already using Geoplan


Geoplan provides B&Q with In-Store Bespoke Postcode Maps, in support of the home delivery service.

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Multinational Software and Consulting Service Provider

Geoplan mapping data is used within our client’s solutions in support of intelligent traffic management and transport optimisation.

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Parcel Delivery Company

Geoplan's consultancy services and mapping software enabled this Parcel delivery company to create a fair, transparent and centralised driver payment model.

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