Specialist business analysis, support and solutions for Site, Route and Territory networks.

What we do

Geoplan provides analysis support services in a range of business areas and our experience in systems development and data analysis can prove invaluable where in-house systems are not appropriate or resource is lacking.

We provide expert business analysis and knowledge particularly focusing on Site, Route and Territory networks. 

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Understand your market potential

With a foundation of marketing expertise, Geoplan excels in the provision of market analysis including:

Customer profiling to identify traits of the most profitable customers

Market share and penetration analysis to spot opportunities or threats

Prospect targeting and allocation to appropriate sales channels

Area profiling to determine potential within a given area or territory

Profit Analysis to assess areas of waste, inefficiency, or high performance

Our expert consultants can assist you with sales territory management and realignment, market planning, retail analysis and site selection.

Lower C02, reduce fuel costs, increase profitability

Efficient route planning ensures more time is spent working and less time is spent on the road, helping  you increase resource capacity whilst keeping fuel costs and emissions to a minimum.

Geoplan helps you achieve this by giving you the tools you need to:

Calculate optimal routes

Maximise number of visitsand deliveries

Streamline transport costs

Minimise travel time and maximise client time.

Effective territory optimisation enables you to balance your field sales workload and effectively allocate opportunities to ensure your team spends less time on the road and more time with your clients.

This is supported with sales gap analysis and opportunity targeting to further optimise sales time and return on activity.

Pick the most profitable sites

Site selection and evaluation is of paramount importance to any retailer due to the potential for high cost mistakes.

Using a bespoke version of SKiN Site Optimiser you can access the information you need to make informed decisions when determining store viability. This could include:

Demographic or business profiles 

Competitor activity/presence

Routes and traffic volumes

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