Specialist business analysis, support and solutions for Site, Route and Territory networks.

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Right-size your field force

Geoplan’s experienced consultants can use their expertise to assist in right-sizing your field force. Whether sales reps, merchandisers, engineers, franchisees or dealers, we can help match available resource to workload or opportunity, ensuring minimum wastage and maximum return on your investment.

Our consultants will fully engage to understand the nature of your business and work with you to ensure the outputs are delivered, through your internal change management process, so that the benefits of the optimisation are realised as quickly as possible.

Journey planning & scheduling

As an extension to right-sizing your field force, Geoplan can produce call cycles, journey plans and visit schedules on your behalf.

The benefit of using our consultancy service is to ensure the best results are delivered, by assigning one of our dedicated experts to managing the process.

This will save you time internally and allow you to hit the ground running by converting your optimised plans into rapid action and securing immediate return on your investment.

Output can be delivered to your field resources in a variety of formats via their calendars or mobile devices.

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Site network management

Geoplan can help you to define and manage a market plan, defining the total market potential, identifying candidates for new site openings and analysing the coverage areas of your existing sites.

We can help you understand gaps and overlaps within your network, based on your target market, competitor activity, market penetration and key generator locations.

The analysis will help you to determine where to open new sites or which existing sites require re-modelling, re-locating or closing, as well as providing you with the information you need to improve your site performance, media targeting, merchandising and customer service levels.

Payment rate modelling

Geoplan can assist with modelling a variety of alternative payment methodologies for your field resources, ensuring that your payment rates are consistent, centralised, visible, transparent and controlled.

Payment rates can be applied at stop level by postcode, work type (e.g. delivery or collection) and stop density, or pay rates could be calculated based on pay by time and distance covered by each resource.

Geoplan can model a variety of scenarios to help you understand the benefits across different FTG profiles and driver types (e.g. employed or owner drivers).

Visit time modelling

Geoplan can help you model accurate visit times based on address locations, distance from road, property type and vertical distance (e.g. for flats).

The initial model can be augmented using Geoplan’s mobile tools to provide a feedback loop from GPS data to improve the accuracy of the plan the next time it is run.

This process is crucial to providing your customers with realistic ETAs, ensuring the accuracy of your route schedules and ensuring your resources are productive and fully utilised.