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Reduce your business costs, increase productivity and save fuel with Route Optimiser.

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Be in the right place, at the right time

With Route Optimiser, you can create optimised visit plans factoring in the frequency and duration of your visits, including specific dates or time windows.

You can then assign the most appropriate resource to the work, based on capacity, location and skill set.

Any ad-hoc work is quickly and efficiently managed with daily visit plans so you can maximise opportunities as they occur.

Predictable route sequences are used to improve communication and service levels to customers.

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Increase productivity and outperfom your visit targets

Use Route Optimiser to implement efficient visit cycles and ensure that visit targets are met and all assigned workload is planned as efficiently as possible.

Powerful data based insight helps calculate optimal visit dates and times to maximise efficiency. Outputs can then be used to make appointments or communicate ETAs.

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Less drive time, more client time

Route Optimiser has an immediate impact on your daily operations.

With increased utilisation of your field resources, you will complete more visits each day and improve your return on your investment almost immediately.

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Reduce costs by up to 20%

Use Route Optimiser to calculate the cost and efficiency of route plans, comparing newly optimised routes against previous iterations to quantify potential savings.

Lower fuel costs by an average of 20% by minimising the mileage required to complete your work and reduce your carbon footprint with lower CO2 emissions.

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Pricing plans

Pay Monthly

Annual subscription to Route Optimiser - 12 monthly payments.

£600 per month +VAT

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Pay Annually

Annual subscription to Route Optimiser - single payment.

£6,000 per year +VAT

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Features and benefits

  • Identify the best route based on geography, time windows, SLAs
  • Increase productivity
  • Quantify the appropriate resource according to capacity, location and skillset
  • Calculate costs and efficiency of routes
  • Cut resource costs by an average of 20%
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

UK Data Pack included as standard

UK Postcode Area, District and Sector Boundaries

UK Postcode Unit Points

Local Authority Boundaries

County Boundaries

Census Demographic Data

Travel Time Data

Brands already using Geoplan


Geoplan mapping and optimisation tools enable Kawasaki to focus on core processes involved in managing ongoing dealer development.

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Geoplan mapping tools provided Molly Maid with indispensable information that their Franchise Owners needed to grow their businesses.

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Global Digital Services Provider

Geoplan mapping data was integrated into our client’s proprietary cloud platform.

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