Reduce cost, increase productivity and save fuel with Route Optimiser

Route Optimisation can immediately improve the efficiency of your distribution network by identifying the most efficient routes to optimise driver efficiency.

Cut costs by up to 20%

Route Optimiser has been designed to help you find the lowest cost solutions in the delivery of  goods or the movement of field personnel.

Efficient route optimisation ensures more time is spent working and less time is spent on the road, helping you increase resource capacity whilst keeping fuel costs and emissions to a minimum.

Optimise pick up and delivery routes

Route Optimiser generates the most efficient routes possible to ensure all visits are completed on time, with driving time and distance minimised. 

It also predicts time of arrival and informs the customer.

Improve customer experience, save fuel and optimise resources


Efficient allocation of field personnel

Allocate skills, equipment and resource requirements to projects, jobs or visits.

Route Optimiser will then automatically assign each visit to the most appropriate resource creating routes which represent the most efficient solution.

Take the guesswork out of decision making

Route Optimiser provides you with the ability to create, analyse and interpret information within seconds so you can identify which opportunities are worth pursuing and take the guesswork out of the decision making process.

Features and benefits

Identify the best route based on geography, time windows, SLAs

Increase productivity

Quantify the appropriate resource according to capacity, location and skillset

Calculate costs and efficiency of routes

Cut resource costs by an average of 20%

Reduce CO2 emissions

Pricing Plans

Route Optimiser Call Cycle

Used infrequently for strategic or call cycle planning.


£500 per user, per annum +VAT

Route Optimiser Daily

Used daily for creation and implementation of optimal routes.


£150 per asset, per annum +VAT

The SKiN suite of products

SKiN Mapping

A general all purpose mapping software platform

Route Optimiser

SKiN add-on module to enhance delivery route creation functionality

Site Optimiser

SKiN add-on module to optimise site networks & analyse performance

Territory Optimiser

SKiN add-on module to optimise sales territory structure/resource

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