Data Services

Strengthen sales, strategy and operational capacities by using custom data to conduct effective market analysis and customer profiling.

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Data sourcing & assembly

Geoplan can source supplementary data sets for inclusion within mapping systems, to provide you with a holistic solution to meet your business requirements.

Data can be sourced by country, segment or application, examples include business locations or industry-specific boundary data such as pharmaceutical bricks or CCGs. Data can also be sourced and formatted for input into 3rd party systems, independent of our mapping software products.

Postal and address geographies

Geoplan have built and maintained the postcode geography for the UK, on behalf of Royal Mail, for over 35 years.

We have also worked with Ordnance Survey for over 10 years, building and maintaining their CodePoint® product, providing a Unit Postcode boundary dataset, using individual address locations as an input for improved accuracy.

Geoplan are able to assist with the build and maintenance of postal and address datasets, worldwide, using the knowledge and skills developed over the course of 35 years’ experience.

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World data

Geoplan work with our approved suppliers to provide postal, administrative, demographic and location data for over 50 countries worldwide.

Based on our experience of sourcing, processing and delivering these datasets to our customer base we have industry-leading knowledge on the availability, quality, coverage and recency of data for various markets and industry sectors around the world.

Data augmentation

Based on our experience of working with our clients in emerging markets, in some markets around the world the availability or granularity of geographic data can be challenging.

We have developed a methodology for making the most out the data that is available, using multiple input data sources and satellite imagery to generate a more detailed grid system for displaying this information, rendering it more useable for geographic analysis aligned to your business goals.