Improve business performance across Route, Site and Territory networks

World class geospatial mapping solutions powered by Geoplan

Geoplan can help you to optimise your field operation, anywhere in the world.
Our Geoplan online mapping software platform, delivers strategic planning, implementation and customer communication. A single system, supported by a company that provides exemplary personal service, with 35 years’ experience in providing business solutions.

Geoplan Mapping Software

Identify the best sites, routes and territories with Geoplan mapping software. A cloud-based mapping platform, designed to increase operational efficiency and deliver competitive advantage through visualisation and analysis of location data.

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Site Optimiser

Improve the performance of your store network, identify markers for success, monitor competitor activity and increase your Return on Investment.

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Territory Optimiser

Identify the optimum territory structure, paired with the resource requirements you need to service your market.

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Route Optimiser

Reduce your business costs, increase productivity and save fuel with Route Optimiser.

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Mobile Worker

Access Geoplan mapping platform in the field with Mobile Worker. Deliver work plans, call cycles or delivery manifests to field operatives on the go.

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The Geoplan Dashboard is designed as a business intelligence tool for use at executive level. It sits above the core system and is fed by real time updates from strategic, operational and field based teams.

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Services to support your business and help you achieve your goals

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Geoplan Postcode Data

Postcode Data for the United Kingdom, to be used in mapping systems. Available in a range of standard formats.

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Used and trusted by market leading companies.

Geoplan mapping platform

Geoplan mapping platform is a powerful cloud based global mapping platform for business analysis, offering a range of spatial data visualisation capabilities underpinned by powerful algorithms for site, territory and route optimisation.

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Geoplan Postcode Data

Geoplan offer a range of datasets, including postcode and administrative boundaries and demographic statistics for the UK, for use both within our Geoplan mapping platform and other mapping tools.

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Consultancy services

Geoplan can help optimise your business performance through the provision of a range of services, including consultancy, data sourcing or assembly, integration with existing systems and custom application development.

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