Improve business performance across Route, Site and Territory networks

World class geospatial mapping solutions powered by Geoplan

Increase your profitability

Easy to use and highly customisable, Geoplan Mapping Software Platforms have been developed to highlight opportunities to improve business efficiency - essentially stripping waste to improve return.

Our speciality is finding solutions to improve route, site and territory networks for businesses of any size.

Power your business with geographical intelligence

Transform your data into a simple visual map providing a geographical overview of your business so you can easily identify areas of opportunity, difficulty, overlap, potential, competition and waste.

Success stories

Geoplan supply B&Q with In-Store Bespoke Postcode Maps which provide a clear picture of the delivery 'zones' and associated pricing for each individual store.

Coca-Cola utilise Geoplan's Postcode District Maps to help improve delivery efficiency by providing the planners with a visual aid to consult when planning routes and  deliveries. 

Due to increased demand on the Postcode system, the Royal Mail turned to Geoplan to help them convert the Postcode Boundaries from paper map form, into a digital file.

Take the guesswork out of decision making

With the ability to create, analyse and interpret information within seconds, you can identify which opportunities are worth pursuing and take the guesswork out of the decision making process. 

Identify the best sites, routes and territories

SKiN Mapping Software Platform is a powerful geospatial mapping solution which sits at the core of our product range. 

SKiN has been designed to help you visualise and identify business opportunities and create or optimise site, route or delivery networks.

Enhance SKiN functionality


Identify the most efficient routes, optimise your driver efficiency, reduce emissions and save fuel.


Identify key drivers for success, establish market potential and visualise opportunities.


Identify the optimum territory structure and balance workforce whilst maintaining service levels.


"As our business continues to grow we have had to make significant changes to our network structure and SKiN has been invaluable in this process."

Graham Platt, M.I. Analyst, Hermes


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