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Our products and services - Mapping can make planning, organising and problem solving for your business quicker and more effective than ever before.

SKiN online mapping software

Designed to deliver best sites, routes and territories, it can be applied to a variety of businesses. Use to identify areas of opportunity, difficulty, overlap, potential, competition and waste. SKiN is available for a range of pricing options & countries, and comes with UK Postcode & Demographic Data as standard with 50 data packs available for countries around the world.

  • Quickly create, print and share maps
  • Pay for what you need, when and where you want it
  • Easy to understand, load, follow, get data in, get results out
  • Secure, flexible, fast, accessible, and customisable

site optimiser for SKiN

  • Identify new site locations
  • Review and predict site cannibalisation
  • Quantify market potential
  • Tailor for your business
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territory optimiser for SKiN

  • Identify the optimal number of territories
  • Balance workload
  • Identify optimal recruitment locations
  • Tailor for your business
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route optimiser for SKiN

  • Assign visits efficiently
  • Calculate optimal routes
  • Optimise return on investment
  • Tailor for your business
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SKiN Workflows

  • Simplify the manual process
  • Minimise the impact of change to the business
  • Improve the speed of adoption
  • Tailor for your business
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SKiN Dashboard

  • Create tailored views of business performance
  • Views driven by up to date business activity
  • Receive alerts on KPIs
  • Tailor SKiN Dashboard for your business
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SKiN Mobile

  • Access SKiN in the field
  • Maximise efficiency by optimising work plans
  • Access supporting documents in the field
  • Data collection & live updates
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Geoplan’s product suite can help you quickly realise the hidden power of your data - allowing you to locate and visualise customer catchments, identify new sales opportunities and reduce costly waste.

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Geoplan continues to help companies reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve performance. Read more on how we have helped our clients.

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