Evri ParcelShops

Geoplan consultancy services, mapping software and data combined to help Evri establish a market-leading network of ParcelShops and Lockers.

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The Problem

The Evri out of home (OOH) network (ParcelShops and Lockers) has grown steadily since its inception approximately 10 years ago.  Evri have approximately 5,000 ParcelShops and over 900 Lockers in their network.  From its inception Geoplan worked with Evri to identify the total market potential in terms of building and then the expansion of its network.

The aim for Evri is to make is even more convenient for people to send, collect and return their parcels with Evri and to ensure that the network is optimised i.e. the Parcel Shops are in the right location and are performing. Currently, over 90% of the UK’s population live within 2 miles of a ParcelShop or Locker.

The Solution

Working with Geoplan and our platform we used data such as  footfall density,  proximity to a transport hub or residential density in the nearby area. Store standards, hour and even parking provision along with other factors to do the following:

  • Identify areas in the UK and Northern Ireland of good potential for the location of ParcelShops.
  • Review the existing Parcel Shops that are underperforming and assess whether to decommission them and/or find alternative locations.
  • Review the Parcel Shops that are performing exceptionally well with a view to opening up additional Shops in close proximity to service demand.

This resulted in a solution that provided a ranking model that could be used for Evri to use and then model the network themselves going forwards.

Developed specifically for Hermes, the system provided:

The Benefits

  • Visualise and review existing coverage.
  • Quantify potential.
  • Establish, maintain and grow a business model.
  • Predict performance.

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