Geoplan's mapping software and data enabled GreenThumb to grow and manage their franchise network.

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The Problem

With 140 franchised territories it was vital that GreenThumb had clearly defined territory boundaries, at a detailed level of postcode geography.

Within each of these boundaries, they wanted to be able to assist the franchisees by pinpointing the location of both existing and lapsed customers - to support leaflet distribution and canvassing activity. Franchise Territory Reporting was also a key requirement and the following information needed to be included:

  • Territories Sold.
  • Territories Owned by GreenThumb.
  • Territories for Sale.
  • Territories Available etc.

An indication of how many customers are currently being treated within these territories by adjacent franchisees.

To strengthen the analysis per Territory, geodemographic data was required along with the number of semi-detached and detached homes within each Postcode Sector.

"The Geoplan solution we now have has enabled us to have a far better understanding of our territories and franchises."

The Solution

The Geoplan mapping system enabled the production of Franchise Territory Maps using point mapping and thematic mapping in order to depict the potential within a franchise area to aid decision making and encourage growth. ONS Output Area Level geography offered a more detailed alternative to Postcode Sector and ensured that the information was specific enough to cater for the market.

Read-only systems are used in the Franchise Development Department as a detailed reference tool without the requirement for training.

With impressive growth of 60 franchise areas over the last 4 years, aided by the Geoplan solution, GreenThumb remains the market leader.

Developed specifically for Hermes, the system provided:

The Benefits

  • Increased revenue.
  • Saves resource and associated cost.
  • Faster planning process.
  • Excellent Support.
  • Industry Standard Data.
  • Key tool to support growth and provide a means of visualising target areas.
  • Visualise territory locations for internal management and franchise decisions.
  • Improved geographical efficiency of territory creation and management.
  • Enhanced Intelligence and provision of greater data and detail.
  • Ability to Identify gaps in current coverage

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