Marston's used mobile mapping software and data to review their site network and site performance of their pubs

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The Problem

As the UK’s leading independent and pub retailing business, it is important for Marston’s to continuously assess their existing Site Network, the performance of these sites and the potential performance of a new site in a given market.

In order to complete this Marston’s had to overcome the challenge of their data and information coming from multiple sources. Ensuring that an individual, whether in the field or office based, can self-generate reports at a composite or single level to inform decision-making, quickly.

It is important for Marston’s to identify potential sites based on chosen criteria and target values. Once a site has been identified, a catchment analysis is needed to understand the statistics for the catchment to then be compared to an existing site, to predict likely performance and inform decision-making.

"Easy to use, the development and training felt like a partnership and good value.”

James Whiteman - Group Head of Estates & Development - Marstons

The Solution

Through full discovery, specification and planning Geoplan delivered a mobile tool to run site network assessment and site performance analogues of their pubs.

This consolidated the existing systems and information, whilst delivering the ability to “self-serve” a site assessment pack, either in the office or in the field.

Users can now view all data in a single system, create reports for different user types through a live dashboard. With mobile access providing users in the field to generate, retrieve and edit “Site packs” with questionnaires, notes and photos at a potential site.

Developed specifically for Hermes, the system provided:

The Benefits

  • A simplified workflow with the ability to create numerous reports through access to one single system.
  • Provides a way to identify potential site locations based on a chosen criteria/target value.
  • An effective way to generate, view and edit new and previous report packs when in the field.
  • Provides a way to identify the current sites similar to a proposed location by area.
  • Access to dashboard views for different user types, to view current/proposed site packs at a composite or single site level, by user or by area.

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