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Geoplan helped Royal Mail generate additional revenue streams by facilitating their ability to offer enhanced use of Postcodes for planning and operations.

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The Problem

The Postcode system was originally introduced to speed up mail deliveries but is now used for a range of applications - Everything from insurance premiums to satellite navigation systems rely on it.

The pressure these increasing demands placed on the system meant that the Royal Mail needed to convert the Postcode Boundaries from paper map form, into a more flexible digital file.

The Solution

Working with Geoplan to carry out the work meant low impact and fast turnaround - The project was delivered right first time, to budget and schedule, ensuring absolute confidence for Royal Mail.

Through the years the digital Postcode file has been improved and transferred to a standard PC environment, available in all standard GIS formats. Geoplan has maintained the file since the original project was commissioned and create a new version bi-annually. 

To this day, the Geoplan Postcode Sector Boundary file is probably the most accurate product of its type on the market.

Developed specifically for Hermes, the system provided:

The Benefits

  • High quality flagship geographcal data product enabling Royal Mail to manage maps digitally within their GIS systems
  • Enhanced use of Postcodes by businesses for planning and strategic operations has generated additional revenue for Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail benefit from more efficient operations and improved first time allocation of mail and workload to the field
  • Enables management of resources and pricing decisions

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