Geoplan has worked closely with TNT to create a user-friendly, customised interface that imports stop and delivery round data from a separate database.

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The Problem

TNT Express Services provides a number of data and time defined delivery options to their customers, guaranteeing a quick and secure delivery service.

TNT Express began a programme of Global Optimisation across the various country specific business units that supplied TNT Express Services. The aim of the GO Programme was to increase efficiency and reduce costs through the implementation of a standardised way of working.

One of the key issues to solve in order to meet the above objective was how to provide each business unit with the ability to tactically plan their delivery routes effectively and easily.

"It has already made a significant contribution to TNT Express. Our business units are now able to proactively plan their routes, visualise times of peak activity and prepare accordingly for this; rather than reacting we can be pro-active in our activity."

Henk Hoornenborg - Global Programme Manager BU Global Networks & Operations - TNT

The Solution

The creation of a bespoke Mapping Bridge Tool provided TNT Express with a means of planning and adjusting delivery rounds, using a standardised approach.

The Tool enables the user to view deliveries at individual depot and round level - Stops can be overlaid, with the ability to filter on particular types of products and delivery services.

Daily work sheets for representatives are generated by the head office user and quickly and easily distributed to the representatives in the field automatically on a regular / call cycle frequency basis.

Developed specifically for Hermes, the system provided:

The Benefits

  • Provides TNT Express business units with the ability to create operationally efficient delivery rounds.
  • Provides a standardised way of working that is shared throughout TNT Express, to adhere to TNT’s Global Optimisation Programme.
  • Quick and easy deployment of the Mapping Bridge and updates via the browser environment.
  • Reduced costs generated through the creation of smarter tactical delivery plans.
  • Easy to use tool, no requirement for training, with central admin control.

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