Molly Maid

Geoplan mapping tools provided Molly Maid with indispensable information that their Franchise Owners needed to grow their businesses.

The Problem

The success of Molly Maid to date, combined with a market with almost infinite possibilities for growth means they have ambitious growth targets for the future. 

In order to achieve these targets they needed to identify where their core base of target customer households are and to pin point where they lived and to divide the country up into exclusive areas with a minimum of 12,000 target customer households in each area available to be awarded to new Franchise Owners.

storing files by map locations

"Geoplan provides us with indispensable information that our Franchise Owners need to grow their businesses. The Geoplan system removes the guesswork and provides the decision support we need at a click of a button. "

visual of map pin on screen

The Solution

Geoplan mapping tools were utilised to assist in the first stage of the screening process to establish where prospective Molly Maid Franchise Owners were thinking of setting up their business.

The second stage was to establish if the area has sufficient numbers of target customer households upon which to build a Molly Maid business.

The Benefits

Eliminated guesswork involved in Franchise location.

Improved efficiency in travel time between cleans.

Improved targeting of prospective customers.

Enables Franchisors to identify trends, anomalies and opportunities.

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