Geoplan mapping and site optimisation software, coupled with specifically sourced market data allowed Yum! to assess the market potential for 50 countries worldwide.

The Problem

As a profitable, expanding business, Yum! needed to meet growth targets and increase net new store openings each year.

To assist with this, understanding the total market potential in terms of number of stores to open in a given country to saturation, was key.

Similarly, opening in the right location where they will generate highest return on investment was hugely important when applying the expansion across the globe.

This is closely linked with understanding the likely performance based on what really drives performance of existing stores, and identification of the payback horizon for new restaurants.

data analysis at Yum

"The service, help and support that Geoplan consistently provide, demonstrates their great customer focus. No request ever seems too much trouble and is dealt with professionally and with great enthusiasm. “

Kate Saxton, Yum!

visual of map pin on screen

The Solution

With the assistance of GeoAnalyser, Yum! has expanded significantly over the past 13 years, and the solution is now used in the UK office for UK and Republic of Ireland market planning. 

Tailored datasets such as the bespoke Map Output Module enabled quick map production for multiple sites providing significant operational efficiency savings. 

In addition, bespoke traffic flow directional data and business information; all contribute to delivering optimal value to Yum! and ensuring that the solution provides the long standing business benefit.

The Benefits

Optimised existing site coverage, with the ability to change to fit the market.

Market Potential Report – scored list of areas to target & a visual representation in the online system.

Cost savings through right sizing store coverage to potential.

Statistical output to monitor progress, and track improvement.

Increased confidence to make the right choices for site selection.

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