QSR and Retail

Map your site locations to understand spatial distribution and performance trends anywhere in the world

Analyse site trade areas

Map your site locations to understand spatial distribution and performance trends anywhere in the world. Visualise competitor and key generator locations and define trade areas to analyse gaps and overlaps between your sites.

Profile the areas in which your sites are located using big data, wireless or social media feeds. Use your analysis to determine target site profile to deliver the quickest return for new site openings, franchise or equity split or optimal site type e.g. solus or mall.

Quantify market potential

Optimise existing market penetration by understanding your existing coverage and identifying new sites. Assess overlaps between site trade areas to understand the impact of cannibalisation.

Identify candidate areas and analogue site profiles to open new sites, quantify the total market opportunity and reduce the payback horizon on new site openings. Define and manage a market plan to quantify the opportunity of a new market and manage site openings.

Create franchise territories

Divide your market into franchise territories based on market potential. Use the territory structure to set targets, manage and report on financial performance of each franchisee.

Edit territory boundaries to maximise performance.

Optimise routes

Create optimised routes for site finding visits to maximise the number of potential sites your acquisitions team can visit each day.

Create optimised routes to deliver orders from your sites, maximising the number of deliveries per route. Prioritise your highest value customers to ensure service levels remain high and repeat revenue is protected.

Field-based site analysis

Dispatch optimised site visit plans to your field acquisitions team via their tablets or mobile devices. Provide maps showing target site locations from your optimised market plan.

Perform live site analysis direct from the field, based on the GPS location of the device. Complete customisable site surveys and feedback data and photos for use in reporting or CAPEX submissions.

Site reporting

View the results of live field surveys and site analysis, based on data captured from the mobile devices of your acquisitions team. Create tailored, interactive report views to share with key stakeholders, including management, franchisees and executive board members.

Generate reports for use in CAPEX submissions for new site openings. Monitor existing site performance on an ongoing basis to identify opportunities for improvement.

Communicate with customers

Provide mapping tools to your customers to allow them to track order deliveries from your sites.

Increase your customer service levels by providing clear communication and value-added services, including email and SMS notifications.

Integrate with EPOS systems

Integrate Geoplan’s mapping and optimisation tools with your EPOS systems to pass transaction data back into the optimisation and reporting processes.

Integrate with beacons and sensors to drive local, targeted digital advertising and merchandising activity.