Map your customer locations to understand spatial distribution in relation to your sales reps

Segment your customer base

Map your customer locations to understand spatial distribution in relation to your sales reps. Visualise product mix, rep assignments, existing and potential revenues. Distinguish between existing accounts and prospect opportunities.

Use your analysis to determine cost to serve and remove any geographic or financial outliers that would be better served via another sales channel or contact strategy.

Optimise rep locations

Based on your segmented customer base, optimise the location of your sales reps. Target recruitment based on areas of workload density.

Minimise gaps and overlaps to maximise efficiency, reduce waste and enhance customer service levels. Right-size your sales team to support growth or contraction based on demand.

Optimise sales territories

Right size your field sales team based on the amount of work required. Calculate in-call time, visit frequency and travel time to identify the optimal number of sales reps to manage your existing accounts.

Generate capacity for prospecting activity or lapsed customer contact. Automatically create and balance geographic territories for each sales rep to ensure the workload is matched to availability and skill set.

Create journey plans

Create journey plans to manage your call cycle efficiently. Split the work day-by-day within each of your territories, based on visit duration, frequency, available dates and specific time windows.

Minimise the travelling time, typically by 20%, complete all visits over the duration of the call cycle and maximise the amount of time spent selling.

Distribute journey plans

Dispatch your optimised journey plans to your field sales team via their tablets or mobile devices. Provide each sales rep with a visit-to-visit walkthrough each day. Provide maps to help sales reps target prospecting activity.

Maximise the efficiency in your filed sales team by ensuring that your strategic and tactical plans are implemented successfully. Capture and feedback sales data for use in reporting or future planning cycles.

Live performance reporting

Monitor the performance of your field sales team live, based on data captured from their mobile devices. Create tailored, interactive report views to share with key stakeholders, including customers.

Share dashboard views with your sales reps on their tablets or mobile devices to help manage their performance against target. View and filter sales revenue by country, region, channel, key account or individual.

Communicate with customers

Provide mapping tools to your customers to allow them to book and manage visits, change visit date or time and track progress.

Increase your customer service levels by providing clear communication and value-added services, including email and SMS notifications.

Integrate with existing systems

Integrate Geoplan’s mapping and optimisation tools with your existing CRM, BI, ERP, call centre or reporting systems. Ensure a smooth flow of data and maintain a single source of truth.

Create a seamless end-user experience to optimise and streamline the network performance management workflow.