Eircode Irelands Postcode System

Launched in July 2015, Eircode enables people and businesses to find every address in Ireland......

With over 35% of addresses in Ireland sharing an address with at least one other property, the ability to accurately customers to deliver goods and services has long since been and issue for any organisation operating in this market.

What is Eircode?

Eircode is Ireland's postcode system, launched July 2015, providing a unique identifier for every residential and non-residential address in Ireland.

How Eircode works?

A Seven character alpha-numeric, smart address code, with two parts:

eg: A65 F4E2  

Routing Key - 3 characters....defines the principal post town span of delivery   Unique Identifier - unique to an address, distinguishes one address from another

What is Geoplan's Eircode Point and Boundary Data Set?

As an approved Eircode provider, Geoplan has developed an enhanced point and boundary data set. The single file has been processed from the raw supply, and enhanced by the generation of a boundary layer, created at principal postal town level, providing:

  • Point locations for over 2.18 million residential and non-residential addresses that receive post, including the latest address information.
  • 139 principal postal town boundaries generated from the Routing Keys.
  • Map-able content for Geoplan SKiN or in other formats/ projection use in other mapping solutions

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