SKiN Dashboard

Get a snapshot of business performance tailored to your requirements.

Create a tailored view of business performance

SKiN Dashboard is designed as a business intelligence tool for use at executive level. It sits above the core system and is fed by alerts and activity within SKiN

The user can select the summary they wish to view, change different parameters and select which alerts they want - SKiN Dashboard then summarises your view based on your selection.

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Real-time updates fed straight to your dashboard

Real time updates can feed into SKiN Dashboard from strategic, operational and field based teams.

Dashboard then models the output to provide the viewer with the most up to date, actionable information on their business. 

Time periods can also be changed so trends and performance can be monitored.

SKiN Dashboard can be used to:

Effectively summarise and alert group information at executive level

Sit above the core system to create tailored views of business performance

Visualise performance against KPIs at a glance and make decisions

Receive KPI and performance alerts

SKiN Dashboard links seamlessly with your existing Geoplan solution to provide a complete geospatial strategy and reporting functionality across your business.

Alerts can be driven by geographic boundaries, job completion and performance against budget to name a few. 

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Tailored to your business

Geoplan offers SKiN Dashboard as a customisable toolkit, allowing us to tailor the inputs, process and outputs to meet the specific requirements of your team or your clients.

Our experienced team of consultants will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the perfect blend of your business knowledge and our spatial optimisation expertise.

Features and benefits

Create tailored views of your business performance

View output in a simplified, actionable format

Summarise strategic, operational and field data at executive level

Drive updates through customisable alerts and parameters

Display information on KPIs and alerts in real time

Stay on the pulse of your business performance

Pricing Plans

SKiN Dashboard Office Based

Used centrally for strategic or operational monitoring and reporting on field activity.


£250 per asset, per annum +VAT

SKiN Dashboard Mobile User

Used daily for live reporting out in the field



£50 per user, per annum +VAT

Find out more

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