Identify the best sites, routes and territories

SKiN is a powerful mapping software platform which enables you to visualise business opportunities hidden within your existing data. 

Using the power of SKiN you can create and optimise site, route or delivery networks with ease.

Designed to be simple

Create and share map views, data and charts with colleagues.
Easily import, visualise and analyse data.
Produce detailed reports and exports data.
Access data and software updates quickly and easily.

Visualise and identify opportunities

SKiN allows you to visualise locations using map pins, giving you the ability to identify prospective sites and new market opportunities with ease. 

Attach notes or images from site visits so everyone can access the information from anywhere - great for giving sales teams and office staff a holistic viewpoint.

Identify markers for success

Use catchment areas to spot markers for success by identifying gaps or overlaps in coverage so you can optimise efficiency and profitability. 

Create multiple catchments at once, around new or existing locations and trial multiple scenarios until you achieve the optimal outcome.


Increase your ROI, reduce waste and optimise 

business performance with the SKiN Mapping Software Platform


Evaluate business performance

Use your data to help evaluate market performance and penetration and determine possible opportunities for growth. 

SKiN can help you identify regional trends, areas for improvement and view your spatial performance targets so you can analyse performance.

Optimise sales territories

SKiN can be used to create and manage territories and give instant feedback on what territory any given location falls within. 

Through territory optimisation, you will be able to plan call-cycles more effectively so your team spends less time on the road and more time with your customers.

UK data pack included

UK Postcode Area, District & Sector Boundaries  

Census Demographic Data  

UK Postcode Unit Points  


Local Authority Boundaries  

World Map Base (Google and OSM)

County Boundaries  

Class leading support

A dedicated help area with full help guide and videos plus unlimited access to our friendly support team help ensure you get up and running quickly to get the most out of SKiN.

people talking providing input

Pricing Plans

Free trial

Need to decide? Get a free 21 day trial of SKiN and see for yourself. 



Access the SKiN Mapping Platform on a monthly basis.

£50 per month +VAT


Access the SKiN Mapping Platform for the next 12 months.

£500 per year +VAT

The SKiN suite of products

SKiN Mapping

A general all purpose mapping software platform

Route Optimiser

SKiN add-on module to enhance delivery route creation functionality

Site Optimiser

SKiN add-on module to optimise site networks & analyse performance

Territory Optimiser

SKiN add-on module to optimise sales territory structure/resource

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