SKiN Mobile

Access SKiN Mapping Software in the field with SKiN Mobile. Deliver work plans, call cycles or delivery manifests to field operatives on the go.

Distribute route schedules

Digitally dispatch optimised routes to your field team. Optional integrated SatNav function helps navigation between visits. 

Manage your schedule using a calendar and view daily visit sequence and ETAs for each location. 

SKiN Mobile will provide Email or SMS notifications to make appointments or provide status updates to field resources or customers.

delivery driver using maps on his mobile for his route schedule
person in car reacting to in-flight changes to re-optimise routes

Manage ‘in-flight’ changes efficiently

React to change efficiently and effectively with SKiN Mobile, by re-optimising routes 'in-flight' in response to events. 

Add or delete visits in your route schedules, then re-calculate ETAs for each visit, to manage delays, or, re-optimise the sequence of your remaining visits, based on changes to the plan.

Capture data in the field to improve efficiency and service levels

Build a digital knowledge base to assist new personnel and improve efficiency and customer service levels.

View historic information or capture new information from the field by taking orders, completing surveys or electronic proof of visit or delivery. 

Attach documentation such as briefing packs, guidelines, schematics, photos, video or audio files to the location either in advance of or during the visit.

person using map data on their mobile
ipad showing location analysis

Ongoing location analysis continually optimises performance

Update contact and address details or run catchment area analysis from your location in the field. 

Update visit locations using GPS data to improve location accuracy in the next round of planning or optimisation. 

Feed GPS data back into the SKiN system to review actual activity vs the plan.

Pricing Plans

Driver Mobile Basic

Used daily for viewing visit schedules and gathering data from the field.


£50 per asset, per annum +VAT

Driver Mobile Re-optimise

Used daily for re-optimising visit schedules to manage ‘in-flight’ changes.


£100 per asset, per annum +VAT

Driver Mobile - Live Traffic/Sat Nav

Used daily to refine visit schedules based on live traffic information and provide resources with satellite navigation between visits.

£150 per asset, per annum +VAT

The SKiN suite of products

SKiN Mapping

SKiN is a powerful geospatial mapping solution and the core of our product range. Using SKiN you can create and optimise site, route or delivery networks.

Site Optimiser

Site Optimiser automatically assesses your site network, quantifies market potential and identifies the key drivers for increased sales performance.

Territory Optimiser

Territory Optimiser helps you identify the optimum territory structure and the resource requirements you need to service your market whilst increasing ROI.

Route Optimiser

Route Optimiser can immediately improve the efficiency of your distribution network by identifying the most efficient routes to optimise driver efficiency.

SKiN Mobile

SKiN Mobile has been designed to give field operatives and drivers access to the information they need to perform their role effectively when in the field.

SKiN Dashboard

SKiN Dashboard is a business intelligence tool for use at executive level. It sits above the core system and is fed by real time updates from across the business.