SKiN Mobile

Access SKiN in the field to deliver work plans, call cycles or delivery manifests to field operatives and react to in-flight changes

Empower your field force

SKiN Mobile has been designed to give field operatives and drivers the information they need to perform their role effectively.

It assists them with navigational information, as well as providing confirmation of site arrival, a method to note site details and access to reference materials (call cycles, work schedules or pick up and delivery manifests). 

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Optimise delivery efficiency when in the field

SKiN Mobile provides the user with the ability to navigate to locations and add new data to improve accuracy and efficiency when on site.

All updates made in the field can be viewed at a central administrative user point, where permissions and updates can be reviewed and approved.

SKiN Mobile can be used to: 

Provide work plans into the hands of field operatives

Manage workload and receive 'in-flight' changes to maximise efficiency

Increase accuracy of delivery locations


Exceed your customers expectations

Using SKiN Mobile, the user can provide real time updates on progress and re-plan on the fly if changes to the route are required. 

It is also possible to communicate with the customer via SMS messaging, pre arrival, arrivals and completion alerts. This maximises efficiency and helps meet customer expectation more easily.

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A solution tailored to your exact requirements

SKiN Mobile is offered as a customisable toolkit, allowing us to tailor the inputs, process and outputs to meet the specific requirements of your team or your clients.

Our experienced team of consultants will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the perfect blend of your business knowledge and our spatial optimisation expertise.

Features and benefits

Carry optimised daily work plans in the field

Send out in-flight re-routes to maximise efficiency

Navigation and data collection services

Take orders and signatures for good in the field

Updates on order tracking, delivery manifest and route plans

Feed field based updates back into the system and view on dashboard

Pricing Plans

Driver Mobile Basic

Used daily for viewing visit schedules and gathering data from the field.


£50 per asset, per annum +VAT

Driver Mobile Re-optimise

Used daily for re-optimising visit schedules to manage ‘in-flight’ changes.


£100 per asset, per annum +VAT

Driver Mobile - Live Traffic/Sat Nav

Used daily to refine visit schedules based on live traffic information and provide resources with satellite navigation between visits.

£150 per asset, per annum +VAT

More information

To discuss SKiN Mobile in more detail, please contact one of our team on 01423 569538 or email us at