Getting started

Get the most from your SKiN trial- just follow these 3 simple steps

3 Steps to get started


Check your browser


SKiN works best with Google Chrome, if you don't already have it installed you can download it now.


Check your internet speed 


You need a minimum internet speed of 10mbps to use SKiN. Check your speed online below.


Format and import your data


SKiN requires data in a certain format - find out how to format your data by reading our guidelines below.

Data guidelines

Accepted Formats


CSV, Excel, Shapefile, MID, MIF or KML


Dates should be UK style (if used) DD/MM/YY



Data exclusions


Unknown characters and symbols

\ / : ; * <  >  | [ ] { } " ' , £ $


Empty rows


Empty cells in an ID column


Essential items


Geographical reference


(Postcode, XY Latitude/Longitude or Google address)



Importing your data

Create a new project

Open existing or create a new project


Choose add data


Create new layer

Select layer and import

Select which type of layer - Map Pins, Hot-Spots, Catchments or Territories


Use your own data, or try downloading our samples below


Review and approve

Review the first 10 records - press confirm to proceed or go back to re-import


Review the location match results - either update unmatched records or press create layer to complete

Managing your data

Access the data manager

Login to SKiN


Choose manage your data

Delete projects

Navigate to the projects tab


Select old or unwanted projects


Click the delete button

Delete layers

Navigate to the layers tab


Select old or unwanted layers


Click the delete button

You're all set!

Now it's time to log in and enjoy the full benefits of SKiN