Map Pins Guide - Build


Changing the location of a Map Pin 


Video Guide

Step One

Edit a Map Pins layer - To change your own data, Open an existing project and then select My Data, click on the layer you wish to edit

Step Two

Select Map Pin to move - To change the location of a Map Pin on the map, you need to firstly select the Map Pin. To select your Map Pin, open the Select section and click on the button next to Pin, then start to type in the name of your Map Pin  into the text box, you will see a dropdown list of Map Pin names. When you can see your Map Pin, click on it to select it.       

Step Three

Select the set location panel - Within the layer editor panel select Design and Build, from here you can control how the Map Pins are displayed, expand the Set Location panel

Step Four

Choose set location method - From the Set Location panel, you can select any layer from your project, system data layers and also access the Google search from the dropdown box and use the Search feature to find a location for your Map Pin. Alternatively, you can just press the Click Map button and click on the map at the required new location. 

Step Five

Perform your search - To perform a search, select from the list what type of search you wish to perform and then type into the search box. Click Search to return a list of matching locations. 

Step Six

Move Map Pin to new location - Once the search has been performed and the list of options are displayed in the search panel, select the feature in the Search Results in order to move your Map Pin to the location on the map. The map will update to show the new location of the Map Pin.