Balancing your Territories

Step One

Open a Territory layer - To view your own data, Open an existing project and then select My Data, click on the Territory layer you wish to look at.

Step Two

Access the Balance Territories function - To access the Balance Territories function, select Design & Build, then select Size and click on Balance Territories.

Step Three

Choose a value to balance Territories on - In the first dropdown box, select the data variable that you wish to use to balance your Territories on. You can select any numeric variable from the data in your layer. The target value box is set to Average which will allow you to monitor the balance of your Territories based on the average total value of your data per Territory. Press Apply once you have selected your data variable and click on the Layer back arrow to return to the Layer Panel.

Step Four

View the Territory balance

To open the Balance View click on the data grid icon found at the bottom left of the map. The data grid should now open with the Balance View selected. The balance view shows the following data columns for each of your Territories:      

Total Data - The total data for the variable that you chose to balance your Territories on      

Average - The average of your chosen data variable per Territory      

Variance - The amount above or below the average value    

Variance % - The percentage variance deviation    

Index – An index chart to easily identify Territories which are above or below the average      

Changes will be automatically updated in the data grid as components are added / removed from Territories. Please refer to ‘Territory Steps – Add or Remove Components’ for step-bystep guide to modifying your Territories.

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