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Inland water bodies are not included as 'holes' in Geoplan boundaries, although there is one exception - Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland.


Source – Geoplan

Recency – Updated quarterly

Geographical Coverage and Accuracy – UK

Projection – OSGB, WGS84 and other projections available on request.

Available Formats – SHP, TAB, MIF, CSV, TXT and other formats available on request

Layer Type – Boundary layer

Data Health

Postcode geography for the most demanding postcode analysis

Updated quarterly

License Type

License type- Perpetual

Update cycle – Updates are available quarterly

Recognition of Inland Water

Inland water bodies are not included as 'holes' in Geoplan boundaries, although there is one exception - Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland.

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Coastline Source

The coastline follows the high water line (where possible). However minor adjustments where the coast was highly convoluted e.g. salt marsh areas to minimise the complexity of these locations.

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Non-Geographic Postcodes

The Non-Geographic Postcode files (Sector and District level) contain information additional to the Sectors which do not have a geographical boundary associated with them. The Non-Geographic Postcode files also contains Transitional Sectors. These exist due to the fact that there are a number of Sectors that may exist which are not contained within the Geoplan Postcode boundary product. The reason for this is that in some cases, there is not enough evidence or information to create boundaries at present. Boundaries will be digitised for these transitional sectors as and when enough information becomes available (i.e. when we have appropriate data sources which can be used to ascertain the position of a boundary.

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Isle of Man

The Geoplan product also contains the Isle of Man Sectors IM1 0, IM2 0, IM3 0 and IM8 0, but do not actually exist as real codes. This is because, although the extents of the Districts IM1, IM2, IM3 and IM8 are known, the boundaries of the Sectors within them cannot be determined. No maps have been made which show these Sectors, so the non-existent Sectors listed above were created by Geoplan to take their place.

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Geoplan is one of the few data suppliers to provide a full UK coverage with the addition of Isle of Man and the Channel Islands for its Postcode geography. Across the UK the level of information available for local coverage’s may vary which may result in differences in accuracy or reliance on the historical nature of the data source. For example Isle of Man and the Channel Islands have not been matched to the full Postcode but matched to the Royal Mail source maps to keep the cost of the product appropriate for our end users.

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