Open Sector Boundaries

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Geoplan’s Open Postcode Sector, District & Area boundaries represent extremely good value for money and deliver a high quality Postcode solution for national, regional, local and street level use. The product is based on tessellation and provides a high level of accuracy when used in conjunction with Geopoint (the points used as part of the tessellation Process)



Source – Geoplan

Recency – Updated quarterly

Geographical Coverage and Accuracy – UK

Projection – OSGB, WGS84 and other projections available on request.

Available Formats – SHP, TAB, MIF, CSV, TXT and other formats available on request.

Layer Type – Boundary Layer

Data Health


High quality solutions for national through to street level use

Updated quarterly

License Type


License type- Annual

Update frequency – Updated quarterly


A high quality Postcode solution for national, regional, local and street level use

Content information

Recognition of Inland Water

Inland water bodies are not included as 'holes' in Geoplan boundaries, although there is 1 exception -Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland.

Recognition of Inland Water

Coastline Source

The coastline is very detailed is provided as part of the Geoplan value add and comes directly from Geoplan SuperPro Postcode Sector Boundaries.

Coastline Source

Non-Geographic Postcodes

The Non-Geographic Postcode Sectors (and districts) are not provided as part of this product.

Non-Geographic Postcodes

Isle of Man

The Geoplan product also contains the Isle of Man Sectors IM1 0, IM2 0, IM3 0 and IM8 0, but do not actually

exist as real codes. This is because, although the extents of the Districts IM1, IM2, IM3 and IM8 are known, the

boundaries of the Sectors within them cannot be determined. No maps exist at the Isle of Man Post Office which show these Sectors, so the non-existent Sectors listed above were created by Geoplan to take their place.

Isle of Man

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