Rising Role of Mapping in Postal Services Market

Geoplan contributes to the debate around the increasing importance of geographic information in the pursuit of increased efficiency in the postal services sector

Postal Technology International recently contacted John Taylor, Managing Director of Geoplan, to contribute to the debate on the rising need and value of geographic information systems in the postal services industry. The last decade has seen increasing financial pressure as a result of a combination of more competition in the sector, and a relentless fall in mail volumes.

'......The need to secure competitive advantage and realise efficiency gains throughout operational networks, are critical success factors for the businesses in these markets.'  John Taylor, Managing Director - Geoplan.

With origins in creating and maintaining an industry standard digital Postcode boundary file, in partnership with Royal mail, for over 25 years, and more recently, developing a contemporary cloud-based mapping system, SKiN (Spatial Knowledge iNterface), providing the platform for powerful, business solution focused solutions, Geoplan has the knowledge, skills and expertise to provide the necessary tools to the businesses in this sector.

This article first appeared in the June 2014 issue of Postal Technology International magazine, and provides an understanding of the need for, and importance of geographic information solutions to secure financial sustainability through efficiency in order to survive and prosper:

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