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Subscription FAQs

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How do I purchase from Geoplan?

Geoplan products and services are payment with order; all payments can be made over the phone, or by direct bank transfer.  Please call the sales team on 01423 569538.

Do we need more than one license?

1 license is required for each user of the software


Multiple users of SKiN can be under one organisation name allowing for simple project collaboration.

Can I stop my license after 1 month?

SKiN licenses are available for a period of 1 month, once the month is completed, you can decide whether to continue your subscription or not.

Do you offer SKiN in other countries?

SKiN is available for use within any country. Please contact us on 01423 569538 to discuss your requirement further.

If I decide to go from a trial to a full license, what happens to my existing work?

When you purchase your full license, all your work from your trial will still be available to you. Your login details will remain the same and you will be contacted in advance of your existing license lapsing.

Support FAQs

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What help is available?

We have a regular and consistent point of contact through a personal account team.


Our support team available via phone or email, 9am until 5pm, Monday through to Friday GMT. Our team of experts are available to all customers as well as anyone throughout their 21-day trial period.


We also offer a user guide that provides step-by-step information on how to get started quickly and run typical tasks with the SKiN system.


There are various options with remote or face-to-face training available.

Do you offer training?

Training can be delivered in a variety of formats from an hours remote quick start session, through to a full day training at your most convenient location. To find out more please contact our sales team on 01423 569538.

I don’t see my question here. What can I do?

Chat with us (look for the green chat button) or if we’re not online contact us at

Product FAQs

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What is SKIN?

SKiN (Spatial Knowledge iNterface) is a cloud based mapping solution that enables you to visualise business opportunities within your business data. 

I’ve never used mapping software before…is that a problem?

Not at all. SKiN has been designed for everyone, even those with no mapping experience, whatsoever.

All you will need is an Excel spreadsheet to start creating maps

Can SKiN be accessed from different devices?

Yes, SKiN is a cloud based software solution, therefore can be access from any device whether desktop pc, laptop, mobile or tablet.

How do I access SKiN, is there any installation required?

SKiN is a cloud based software solution so there is no installation process required. The advantage of this is that access is available from anywhere with a live internet connection.


You will simply need a username and password to access the system.


SKiN works best with Google Chrome and requires a minimum internet speed of 10mbps.

What is the best way to share the work I have completed?

The best way to share the work you have completed is to share via the share link function; this will be available to the recipient for 72 hours. 


This means that the person receiving the shared work can navigate and engage with the data, while being unable to manipulate or restrict your work.


If you require the recipient to have access to the shared work for longer than 72 hours, you can purchase a read only license for £50 per annum.

Can I put my work into a PowerPoint or print?

You can both export your work for use in a PowerPoint as PNG images,


SKiN has extensive reporting capabilities, with customisable design to the user’s preference.


Other options include Print straight from SKiN, up to AO.


Find out more here

Is the system updated?

Yes, the Postcode data is updated on a quarterly basis, with new postcodes added, removed and improved. Census demographics are also projected in line with these postcode changes.


You will be notified before and after any updates take place. This will not affect any of the work you have previously completed on SKiN.


Further information can be found here

Why can’t I see the Optimisers in my trial system?

Optimisers are not available in the trial of SKiN. These are add-on modules available to the SKiN mapping software.  If you would like to schedule a demo of an optimiser, please call the sales team on 01423 569538.

Data FAQs

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How secure is my data in SKiN?

Your data is secure at all times.  All data is stored on the Amazon Web Server, based in Dublin, Ireland. 


We are  accredited to ISO 27001 for information security management system policies and procedures and are also Cyber Essentials certified.

How do I upload my data?

Our data guidelines and tips for importing your data can be found here

My upload failed what went wrong?

If you have followed the guidelines and still have a failed upload, we advise contacting our support team on 01423 722719

Can I overlay data?

Yes, you can overlay data; you can do this by creating a new layer in SKiN.  These layers can consist of your business data, census data or third party data to create the visual you need and all sits under a single project.

Is there any limit to the amount of data I can import?

There is no limit to the data you can upload


You can upload up to 10,000 rows in one layer of SKiN, without experiencing any slowdown; each cell should contain a maximum of 255 characters.

Terminology FAQs

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What is the difference between a catchment and a territory?

A catchment is the area from a location (store, home) that can be drawn from a radius or travel time


A territory is a geographic area assigned in a contract or agreement to a business or franchisee

What is route optimisation

Route optimisation is a process used to identify the most cost-effective route to visit a series of locations, taking into account cost, time, service levels and vehicle characteristics.

What is site optimisation

Site optimisation is a process used to identify the best location to place your assets or resources, taking into account market potential,  and potential cannibalisation of existing site catchment areas

What is territory optimisation

Territory optimisation is a process used to assign a set of locations or a geographic coverage area to a resource, taking into account cost, time or value to ensure an efficient balance of capacity vs workload.