When Postcode Accuracy Matters

When detailed mapping and analysis is vital to your business operations, Geoplan's SuperPro postcode boundaries provide unrivalled accuracy.

"...recent focus has been on the use of open data and the ease with which this can be tessellated. Resulting data sets, such as Geoplan Open, can be useful at a level, providing an accessible, cost effective means of planning at a high level, with a reasonable degree of comfort, where the level of error is not an issue.....but, if postcodes are important to the way you operate, the investment in SuperPro is relevant and justified...." John Taylor, Managing Director, Geoplan. 

Postcodes impact operational effectiveness and efficiency in many situations. The information generated by systems relying on postcode boundaries derived from older, generalised data can result in increased costs and lost sales. Postcodes missing from a territory network could result in:

  • Lost orders for a fast food delivery company
  • Failed deliveries for a courier
  • Allocation of a visit to a service engineer by a call centre
  • Missed sales visits if there are gaps in a field sales territory network
  • Mis-allocation of parcels to delivery rounds (or not being allocated at all)
  • Inaccurate risk assessment of property and assets by postcode area in an insurer's portfolio

Why SuperPro?

Demand for mapping and analysis at street level has increased, driven by the need for more detail and facilitated by wider availability and access to street level map data. Geoplan developed SuperPro Postcode Boundaries to protect the integrity and accuracy of mapping and analysis at this level of detail. 

Setting the industry standard, SuperPro was developed over 3 years in conjunction with Cranfield University. Delivering postcode boundaries with a level of accuracy over and above anything available on the market currently, SuperPro is:

  • Standard in Geoplan cloud-based and desktop software solutions
  • Hand checked and improved, on a boundary by boundary basis
  • Uniquely fed by updates direct from Royal Mail*
  • Snapped exactly to roads and features, ensuring a direct relationship with the underlying map base
  • Available in standard formats for use in other GIS systems

* Royal Mail only use Geoplan postcode data, managing a field force of circa 150,000 on a daily basis, from 1500 operational centres UK wide, delivering a product to the door as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Why Geoplan?

Geoplan's commitment to the maintenance, enhancement and exploitation of Postcode data to competitive advantage is integral to our business. Being the first to develop a full UK view of digital postcode boundaries, we have served Royal Mail for over 30 years. This partnership has facilitated the development of a fully integrated, often unique, range of Postcode related products and services.