What is route optimisation?

Route optimisation is a process used to identify the most cost-effective route to visit a series of locations, taking into account cost, time, service levels and vehicle characteristics.

How does it work?

Input the key information that you want the decision to be based upon, for example: visit location, available resources, working hours, dates/time windows or required skills.

An algorithm runs through thousands of scenarios to find the most ‘optimal’solution - the cheapest way to complete all the visits whilst adhering to your business rules.

What are the outputs?

Typical outputs from a route optimisation are:     

Printed journey plan / manifest for drivers to use in the field. 

Digital journey plan / manifest accessed via a mobile device. 

Calendar view showing visit schedule over multiple days. 

Report showing top level statistics for entire fleet. 

Breakdown report showing statistics by vehicle by day

straight road easy plan

Features and benefits

Save time / increase productivity 

Reduce CO2 emissions 

Reduce labour cost  

Improve customer service 

Reduce fuel usage

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