What is site optimisation?

Site optimisation is a process used to identify the best location to place your assets or resources, taking into account market potential, competitor locations, key generators for your business and potential cannibalisation of existing site catchment areas.

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Who is it useful for?

Site optimisation is useful for businesses looking to enter a new market or those wanting to streamline or optimise coverage of an existing market. It is particularly useful for those working within:  

Retail  acquisitions, distribution, restaurant/casual dining , after sales and asset management.

How does it work?

Input the key information that you want the decision to be based upon, for example: Existing site locations/catchments, demographics, competitor locations or other factors which influence sales performance.

An algorithm runs through thousands of scenarios to find the most ‘optimal’ site locations or geographic areas, based on analysis of top performing  existing sites.


What are the outputs?

Report showing key drivers for existing site performance.  

Maps and reports showing candidate locations or areas for new sites, ranked by score.  

Maps and reports showing cannibalisation analysis. 

Reports showing analogue site comparison.

Features and benefits

Understand existing market share / coverage

Establish whether to keep, re-locate, re-model or close existing sites

Quantify market potential

Assess impact of cannibalisation on existing sites

Reduce payback horizon on new site openings

Understand existing market share / coverage

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