What is territory optimisation?

Territory optimisation is a process used to assign a set of locations or a geographic coverage area to a resource, taking into account cost, time or value to ensure an efficient balance of capacity vs workload.

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Who is it useful for?

Territory optimisation is useful for businesses with a large field based operation or a contrasting customer base, particular suited to those working within:    

Sales, merchandising, engineering, after-sales , pickup and delivery, distribution and supply chain.

How does it work?

Input the key information that you want the decision to be based upon, for example: Visit location, frequency or duration, available resources or territory structure. 

An algorithm runs through thousands of scenarios to find the ‘optimal’ solution based upon the most balanced allocation of workload to resources.

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What are the outputs?

Typical outputs from a territory optimisation are:

Map(s) showing areas assigned to resources.  

Report showing areas assigned to each resource.

Visit allocation to each resource (often then used in a Route Optimisation).

Report showing top level statistics for capacity vs workload for each resource.

Features and benefits

Right-size field force – reduce cost

Optimise workload distribution – maximise market potential

Establish new territory structure(s)

Identify ideal locations for resource recruitment

Increase in-call time, reduce drive time – increase efficiency

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