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Geoplan mapping data was integrated into our client’s multi-channel marketing platform.

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The Problem

Our client delivers multi-channel marketing insights from a miscellany of its customer data sources, actionable in one easy-to-use platform.

This powerful customer analytics and audience targeting software helps to convert data into actionable insights.

Highly detailed and accurate Postcode polygon data frameworks are fundamental to this type of analysis and modelling.

This is where Geoplan excels, as the de facto industry standard, for the supply and maintenance of these data frameworks in the UK.

The Solution

Geoplan are the owners of the industry standard digital Postcode boundary data file for the UK. We were the first company to develop full digital UK coverage of Postcode Boundaries and have consistently maintained this Postal geography for over 39 years.

We have supplied this critical data set to both Royal Mail, in support of daily postal operations and to Ordnance Survey, as a key service and component provider, in building both Addressbase and latterly Codepoint Unit Polygons.

It is these skills and capabilities that are relied upon, as part of the key fabric of our client’s industry leading product suite, dating back more than 10 years.

Developed specifically for Hermes, the system provided:

The Benefits

  • The ability to offer reliable, high quality mission critical data frameworks and models, through a range of delivery channels, for the insurance industry.
  • The ability to create combined and derived products with confidence, under our comprehensive Value-Added Reseller Contract framework.
  • Low friction, low-cost contract administration, to enable profitable and painless customer acquisition.
  • Increased revenues and innovation opportunities.
  • Consistent and reliable data supply, giving our client the time and freedom to focus on adding value to their customer base.

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