Data pack for Croatia, to be used in mapping systems. Available for Geoplan SKiN and in a range of standard formats.

Prices start from £1,000

Boundary data

20 2-Digit Postcodes, 4,689 5-Digit Postcodes.

21 Districts and 551 Municipalities.

Data source: GFK. 

Recency: 2013.

Demographic data

Households - number of households for a given region, provided as an absolute value.

Population - number of inhabitants for a given region, provided as an absolute value

Source data held at Municipality level.

Data has been interpolated (to 250m and 1km grid squares) by Geoplan. 

Data source: GFK. 

Recency: 2013

Travel time data

Travel time matrix which works by assigning an average speed to each road type and using this information to calculate how far can be travelled along each road from the user's specified start point.

Data source: Open Street Map (OSM). 

Recency: March 2014


How to buy

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