SKiN Maintenance August 2018 - Release 66.2

We are pleased to confirm that the SKiN system maintenance has gone ahead today, as planned. The system is available for you to use as normal again.

What has changed?

New Postcode Update - Release 66-2

  • New Postcodes added: Over 5,000 new Postcodes have been introduced, with high concentrations in Birmingham (B), Leicester (LE) and Oxford (OX).
  • Invalid Postcodes removed: Nearly 3,000 Postcodes that were valid at R66, are no longer valid at R66-2.
  • Postcode Location Improvements: Over 66,000 postcodes’ geographical locations have been improved at R66-2.
  • Census Demographics: Data has been updated, by projecting the figures in line with the residential delivery counts at R66-2.

System Improvements

  • Territories: Improved performance for manually editing components between territories.
  • Map Pins: New functionality to append the corresponding territory from a chosen layer, based on the map pin's proximity to the territory.
  • Catchments: New functionality to calculate road distance and travel time to features within a catchment.
  • Route Optimiser: Improvements to allow you to choose the resource column in the workflow.
  • Territory Optimiser: Improvements to save work between workload calculation and optimisation stages.
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