SKiN Maintenance Complete Notification - Feb 2019

What has changed?

System changes

Data Import Improvements: Various improvements to the import process that will make importing your data and following the import steps easier. General improvements and bug fixes.New Postcode Update - Release 67-2

New Postcodes added: Over 6,400 new Postcodes have been introduced with high concentrations in Coventry (CV), Brighton (BN), and Chelmsford (CM). Invalid Postcodes removed: Over 10,500 Postcodes that were valid at R67, are no longer valid at R67-2. Postcode Location Improvements: Over 55,000 Postcodes’ geographical locations have been improved at R67-2. Census Demographics: Data has been updated, by projecting the figures in line with the residential delivery counts at R67-2.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Geoplan Support Team on +44 (0)1423 722719, or email Opening hours are 9am to 5pm GMT, Monday to Friday.

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