SKiN Maintenance Complete Notification - Jan 2019

What has changed?

  • General system maintenance and improvements.
  • Chat messaging: Allowing you to message and chat to our support team from within SKiN.
  • Map Pins: As part of the import process you can choose to group pins together.
  • Territory Optimiser Module: New features to the add-on module including:
  • Regionalise optimisation option, to allow you to focus on the area that you require.
  • Calculate workload without an existing resource location, useful if you need to create a territory but do not yet have a resource assigned.
  • Flexibility over what to include in calculating your workload e.g. choose the number of nearest stops to calculate average travel time from, only calculate 1 way stem time or remove stem time entirely.
  • Measuring tool: Refinements to how the distances are displayed allowing you to see imperial and metric measurements.
  • Calculate road distances and travel times within a catchment: Extending the capabilities of this feature, including the ability to handle a greater number of records.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Geoplan Support Team on +44 (0)1423 722719, or email Opening hours are 9am to 5pm GMT, Monday to Friday.

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