SKiN Software Release June 2018 - SKiN Maintenance

We are pleased to confirm that the SKiN system maintenance has gone ahead today as planned, and the system is available for you to use as normal again.

What has changed?

New Postcode Update - Release 66

  • Postcode Sector Improvements: Over 300 Sector boundary improvements have been introduced at R66.
  • New Postcodes added: Over 9,900 new Postcodes have been introduced with high concentrations in Birmingham (B), Peterborough (PE) and East London (E).
  • Invalid Postcodes removed: Over 5,000 Postcodes that were valid at  the previous release, are no longer valid at R66.
  • Census Demographics: Data has been updated, by projecting the figures in line with the residential delivery counts at R66.

SKiN Maintenance

Territory Management and Optimisation:

  • Balancing target values: In addition to being able to balance territories on an average value, you can now choose to balance on the median or set your own goal target value.
  • Balance view chart in the data grid: We have enhanced the user experience by introducing a coloured index chart, with each colour of the chart matching the colour of the territories in the map view.
  • Balance view before and after in the data grid: So that is it easy to see the impact on moving territory components between territories we have added before and after columns. This allows you to see what territory values looked like prior to making changes to the territory and after.
  • Show change details view: This new feature allows you to track all the changes you have made to your territories from their time of creation. This view shows the component that you have changed, the territory it came from and where it was changed too. In addition to this you can also select the highlight changes option so that the map will highlight all the components you have changed. For additional ease of use, these changes can be exported out of the system as a .csv or excel file.
  • Speed of territory amendments: As part of this release we have made minor improvements to the speed at which territory changes are applied.
  • Territory Optimiser and Workload module: We have introduced the ability choose to run the optimiser on a pre-existing workload calculation and reordered the workflow steps to improve the ease of use.
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