SKiN Software Release Notification - June 2018

We are pleased to advise that we will be performing a SKiN system update on Wednesday 6th June 2018 at 3.00pm GMT.

The site will be offline for around 2 hours whilst the update is deployed, and we will advise as soon as this is complete.

What has changed?

New Postcode Update - Release 66

  • Postcode Sector Improvements: Over 300 Sector boundary improvements have been introduced at R66.
  • New Postcodes added: Over 9,900 new Postcodes have been introduced with high concentrations in Birmingham (B), Peterborough (PE) and East London (E).
  • Invalid Postcodes removed: Over 5,000 Postcodes that were valid at R65-2, are no longer valid at R66.
  • Census Demographics: Data has been updated, by projecting the figures in line with the residential delivery counts at R66.

SKiN Maintenance

Territory Management and Optimisation: Improvements to system performance.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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