Geoplan Become Google Maps for Work Partner

A strategic partnership combining the scale, content and global reach of Google, with the specialisms of Geoplan, generating business changing solutions

During 2014, Geoplan became a Google Maps for Work partner. This collaboration provides a powerful opportunity to combine the unique strengths of each organisation.

"....we are proud to have been selected as one of the specialist Google Maps for Work partners in EMEA, and are pleased that Google recognise the value that Geoplan's solutions, knowledge and experience bring ...." John Taylor, Managing Director, Geoplan.

With installations over 50 countries worldwide, Geoplan specialises in delivering solutions customised to our customers' needs, through SKiN, our cloud-based mapping system. These solutions utilise Google's Maps for Work APIs, running on a backbone of unique Geoplan algorithms.

The results achieved by our customers as a result of optimisation projects are significant, and often far exceed the original expectations with regards to quantifying both the level of wasted resource within existing operations, and, the potential to be exploited in existing and new markets

Our solutions focus on ensuring our customers identify the Best Sites, Best Territories, and Best Routes for their organisations, delivering optimised performance. We have extensive experience in solving resource mobilisation problems,across a number of industries, worldwide, including:

  • Market planning
  • Field force planning (sales, after-sales, service)
  • Route scheduling (field force and transportation/ delivery)

Our solutions support online and mobile application, enabling an organisation's workflows to be incorporated in SKiN from planning stage down to providing operatives in the field with routing and location information on a daily basis, or telephone operatives in a call centre with the information they need to allocate visits effectively. Our dashboard delivers invaluable reporting against specified KPIs to the relevant members of the team, ensuring that from start to finish, the approach covers all angles, and delivers the returns expected.

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